7 Reasons How Clean Workplaces Can Boost Employee Productivity

People who have a nine-to-five job spend a lot of their days in the office. This is like a second home for an average employee at this point. However, a lot of people can tend to neglect this second home.

If you have an office desk that’s filled with trash, unorganized files, and so on then it is best to tidy up first before you start your next workday. A cluttered desk can mean a cluttered mind so it is important to have a clean desk.

There are many benefits to having a clean desk. If you’re curious to know then read on to find out how clean workplaces can improve any employee.

Increased focus

When you work with a very messy workspace, it can lead to a lot of distractions. Your attention can be caught by a stray candy wrapper or your desk might be so cluttered that you end up toppling over a pile of books.

Unlike a messy desk, a clean workplace can give you peace of mind. There is no clutter to bother and neg at you. There is no leaning tower of papers ready to crash at any moment. Nothing to disturb you as you work.

When you are better focused, you can finish your work faster and you can get a lot more work done than you normally would. You will be more efficient and have a higher quality work output.

Healthier employees

Aside from heightening your levels of focus, a clean desk or workplace can lead to healthier employees. An office place isn’t the most sterile of environments. It is a high-traffic area where a lot of people coming from all over come together to work.

Productivity doesn’t also improve with a cleaner workplace. It can also keep your employees healthier. It is important to keep the office regularly cleaned.

When an office is regularly maintained, you will find fewer instances of sick days and higher productivity levels amongst the employees. It will also be a more engaging place to work at knowing that the office is hygienic.

Increases efficiency

When a workplace is disorganized and messy, there are a lot more steps employees have to go through before they are able to finish their work. They have to shuffle through the mess before they are able to focus on their work.

A messy office can make you inefficient when you’re stuck for 10 minutes looking for a specific file that you need. Instead of being able to do the work immediately, employees are stuck dealing with messes.

Workplace efficiency can significantly improve with a well-managed and maintained office place. When you regularly have your office cleaned and organized, you can find that employees are spending less time occupied by meaningless cleaning and more on actual work.

Higher concentration

A messy workplace can distract the worker from a looming deadline. Instead of being able to concentrate on the important tasks, the clutter can be in the way of productivity.

When you work in a more organized and a well-decorated office, sometimes it may not even like one is working. Show your care for your employees and their concentration levels by not only cleaning the workplace on the regular but by also making it well-designed.

Boosted company morale

How a workplace looks like is often an indication of the workplace culture. Take for example the famous Google offices. It is a good indication of the kind of work that is being done there and the kind of people who work there.

Now, picture a messy office. With poor file organization and messy desks and cluttered common rooms, it can be hard to feel cheery and upbeat with an office that can be likened to a pig sty. Morale is significantly lower in messier office spaces.

A cleaner workplace can boost morale significantly. Better morale can mean more profits due to the fact that it affects productivity and efficiency levels as well.

When you keep your workplace clean, you can expect higher productivity and higher morale levels. These can be good for your company in the long-term.

Gives the office a positive outlook

We’ve mentioned before about how an office looks like is an indication of workplace culture. Hence, the Google example mentioned before. Well, how your office looks like is also an indication of how others outside of the company perceive your company.

When you have a messy office, it can make your office seem unprofessional and dowdy. It can affect your employees negatively so expect guests and others to view your company negatively as well.

On the other hand, a clean and well-lit office makes it seem like a livelier place. It can make people feel livelier as well. Also, it can make others have a positive view of your company.

A cleaner workplace makes people think that the people who work there are more professional and that they know how good they are at their job. It can also indicate that the people at the company is welcoming.

Having a cleaner workplace can help make your office retain a positive outlook not only as seen by employees, but also as seen by outsiders.

Employees love to work and stay longer

There are lots of things competing against you when it comes to making your employees stay longer at the office. Outside obligations, the traffic, et cetera. Don’t make it any harder for yourself by maintaining an unhygienic workplace.

When your workplace is unhygienic, it can make employees hesitant to eat lunches at the office pantry. Therefore, making them leave the office for lunch. It can take a long while for them to get their lunch and come back on time, especially at lunch hours.

Make it convenient for your employees to stay in the office by making it comfortable to sit at their desks or to have their lunch in the office. Keep your workplace clean and employees will love to work and stay longer than those who work in messier places.

In conclusion, a messy workplace is truly a distraction and a miserable environment for a lot of employees. It can affect how they work, how professional they appear, and how focused they are.

Regularly having your office cleaned is a sign that one cares for and notices the need of one’s employees. Always keep it clean and you can reap the benefits of happy workers and harmonious work life.

Business Lunch Do’s and Don’ts

Business professionals who spend all day in their offices invite the opportunity to get out for the occasional business lunch. This is a lunch where clients might be involved, or it could be the chance for you to make a good impression on the higher-ups in the company. As with any business function, there are do’s and don’ts you should follow if you want to make the very best impression.

Put Your Smartphone Away

No matter where you sit in the hierarchy of people at your lunch table, it is always a good idea to put the smartphone away and turn off your ringer. Your customers would not appreciate being interrupted by a ringing phone, and your company president is definitely not going to be impressed with an employee who takes text messages during a business lunch.

If you are waiting for a very critical call, then you should inform your guests and keep your ringtone low or on vibrate. If the phone does ring, excuse yourself from the table to avoid disrupting the business lunch and try to make the call brief. In some cases, you can get away with taking an important call, if you are waiting for a big deal to land, contract to be signed etc, especially if the people at the lunch are involved in the business call.  It can actually be very advantageous for a lucrative business transaction to come to fruition whilst you are in the middle of a business lunch with investors or associates. It makes you and your business a much more viable investment.

Of course, if there is cause for celebration, go easy on the bubbles! You wouldn’t want to go from “hero to zero” due to a lapse in judgment whilst under the influence of alcohol!










Do I Pay My Portion Of The Bill?

Business professionals who are new to the idea of a business lunch can often get confused with who pays when the lunch is over. In most situations, the person who organized the lunch should be the one who pays. But if your boss asks you out to a business lunch to discuss your future with the company, then it might be a good gesture to pick up the check.

Where Should We Go For A Business Lunch?

If you are organizing a business lunch, then you will be expected to pick the restaurant. The safest bet is to choose a place that has a diverse menu and pleasant ambiance. Not everyone likes Chinese food, and you can put yourself in a bad position with your clients if you choose a restaurant that they do not like. Try to choose a place that you have been to before so that you can vouch for the food and service. Poor food and long delays will place a negative slant on your meeting. If you are picking up the tab, it’s a good idea to check the prices. Avoid something too extravagant if you know you just don’t have the budget for it.

If budget is limited, it can be a good idea to host a business lunch in the office. It can often work out cheaper to invite caterers in, rather than take your guests out. (Business lunches can often lead to people taking advantage. Ordering expensive dishes, wines or whiskey’s that they wouldn’t perhaps order if footing the bill themselves!)

If your office is located at a prestigious location such as The Shard, it would almost be advisable to host your meetings here! Your guests will be wowed before you even have time to pitch!

Do Confirm Details In Advance

You should try to plan a business lunch at least a week in advance, and you should confirm that everyone has the details of the lunch the day before. Communications can get crossed and people can forget to write things down, which could lead to a disaster on lunch day. But if you take the time to confirm the details with everyone the day before, then you should be able to avoid any embarrassing situations.

Don’t Order Foods That Will Attract Attention

When you order food for your business lunch, go with food that is not overly crunchy, has a certain aroma or is difficult to eat. Messy foods, where finger bowls are a necessity, should probably be avoided unless you are at a themed restaurant and everyone else in the party will get in a mess. If you have a favorite dish that you know looks less than appetizing to others, then do not order it at your business lunch. You should order food that will allow you to eat, but not gets in the way of business talk.

Take Cues From Your Guests

If your guests do not order drinks before lunch, then you should not order drinks either. If your guests are more interested in talking business than discussing the menu, then choose something quickly and keep the business conversation going. As the business lunch host, your job is to make your guests feel comfortable and allow your guests to dictate the tone of the meal.

A business lunch can be a great way to conduct business or show the boss that you are ready for more responsibility. If you follow the common rules of etiquette for business lunches, then your event will be a success.

Four Reasons to Choose a Career Helping Others

Choosing the right career path can be extremely tricky, and will take a lot of twists and turns along the way. It’s thought that most people don’t really find what they want to do with their lives until they are in their late 40s/50s, as life experience often guides people to their perfect career. If you’re unsure of which career path you want to take, it can often feel as though you are drowning in a sea of potential positions and companies. Helping people throughout your life can be so satisfactory, there are so many different career options to choose from if this is something you are considering. Here are some of the best reasons why considering a job that involves helping others could be for you…


Better job satisfaction:

The majority of the jobs out there are thankless and soulless, you can clock in and do a 9-5 office job, work your way up and feel no real satisfaction or ties to the company or profession. You can stay behind after work to complete extra work, put your heart and soul into a position and have it ground down to the point where you begin to resent getting up in the morning. If you immerse yourself in a career where you truly change people’s lives for the better, whether that be a support worker, or a paramedic, then you will be able to see the gratitude in the person’s eyes. Job satisfaction is a given when it comes to helping people, if you are a compassionate and caring person, then there will be no better feeling.


You’ll meet amazing people along the way:

Whether you’re working for a charity organisation or a counselling job, you will be bound to other compassionate and inspiring people, who share the dream of helping others. One of the best things about choosing a career where you help others is the fact that there isn’t just one type of person that will be in the profession. Helping other attracts all walks of life, with different stories to tell, insights to give and wisdom to share. This career choice will lead you down the path of enlightenment.

It brightens up your day:

Everybody has a bad day at work one day or the other, but when you’re working in a thankless profession, you can end up feeling worse than you ever have before. Even in a profession where you are helping others, you will experience bad days and will end up feeling a little bit lost, but the thought that you are personally making a difference to another person’s life can really help you through some difficult times. Whether you have decided to foster a child  as a career, or save endangered species, it’s important to stay strong, build a good support network for yourself and remind yourself that you are truly making a difference.


Improved happiness and health:

People who are happy at work, tend to be happy outside of work also. If you fill your life with positivity and good experiences, then your whole outlook and perspective of life will change for the better. Research has indicated that those who are happier at work actually live longer than those who work in stressful, unsatisfactory environments. Why would anybody choose to be sat in a soulless cubicle typing away on their computer, analysing data, when they could be out in the world, making a difference and helping people to grow and shine through as individuals.

Choosing a career can be one of the most scary and confusing times of your life, but if you find something that makes you truly happy, then you will find your own success and career satisfaction. Choosing a career that helps others is one of the most rewarding and challengin positions and lifestyle choices that you can make.

CFD Trading: Basic Dos and Don’ts

CFD trading is a concept that seems easy to many business entrepreneurs who are looking to make quick cash. However, in their haste, they end up making a lot of mistakes and ultimately, they end up losing money and their entire reason for partaking in CFD trading gets defeated. So with this in mind, we have compiled a list of basic rules and regulation that you should follow when embarking on CFD trading

Leave your profits to run for a while

A lot of traders end up erasing their trading accounts and profiles when they fail to follow this rule. As a matter of fact, it has been found that not adhering to this rule has contributed to the realization of many losses relating to CFD trading. Once you make a good trade, DO NOT cash out just yet. It is wiser and more advisable tolet these profits run for a while and accumulate over a period of time. However, when you make a loss, cut it immediately! The loss might go a long way in making sure that you never bounce back. In a nutshell, this is what we’re saying: Let your profits go for longer and cut those losses quickly.

Be mindful of your personal weaknesses

This is another important aspect of CFD trading. The psychology with which you approach a trade goes a long way in differentiating between whether it will ultimately turn out to be a success or a failure. A major difference between winning traders and losers is the fact that winners don’t easily give in t fear, greed and other potentially damaging emotions and mindsets. Instead, you should think logically; make plans, employ strict financial management policies (and stay committed to them). Wherever you might notice a weakness that affects you personally, you should never let that weakness spread and subsequently affect your trade.

Know the risks and rewards

All trades have these two elements; risks and rewards. The risks basically constitute what you could potentially lose if this present deal goes south and the rewards are what you stand to gain in the event of this deal becoming an ultimate success. When you become aware of these risks and rewards, you will be able to weigh them and ultimately decide whether the rewards are worth ‘risking’ these risks. Once you get convinced about the facts, you will have an extra conviction and confidence to go through with the trade.

When in doubt, seek counsel

CFD trading can sometimes be a concept that seems to hold a lot of rewards for those who participate. However, there are aspects of it that are unknown to traders. As a trader, when you come across concept and terms that are somewhat unfamiliar to you, please seek professional counsel from reputable CFD brokers. If you’re unsure as to which brokers to employ, feel free to check out our list of top CFD trading brokers. These firms have gone through years of experience in all forms of trading and will definitely provide you with the best counsel and offer their services at very affordable rates.

Understand the times

In CFD trading, one of the most important elements is time. Regardless of whether you were right about the eventual direction the market would take, you could potentially run into a dangerous brisk wall if you enter into a trade too early. After you speculate market trends, you will definitely know the signs that will point in that direction. It would be more than wise to hold on a bit, assess the situation and wait for those signs at least two). These are what will indicate that you are on the right track and give you the ‘go ahead’ to make your trade.

Diversify Your Investments

It is basic common sense not to put all your eggs in one basket. The minute you begin going all in regarding a trade (whether due to pressure, desperation or even complete certainty), you become more of a compulsive gambler than a trader. Put your capital into different trading avenues. That way, you get more assurance (I mean, if one trade goes sideways, another will at least yield some positive results).