Turning Teaching Expertise into A Home-Based Business

Never in the history of business has it been easier or more lucrative for individuals to use their knowledge and skills to make money from home. Whether you develop a primary occupation or are planning a side hustle, home-based businesses allow people to generate cash over the course of the year without commuting, paying for external child care, or punching a clock that fits someone else’s schedule.  While making money is one reason to try your hand at entrepreneurship, others include exploring the viability of an idea or a service or product that fills a marketing gap and provides something that others need.

With the advent of technological advances, teachers may find that there are a myriad of ways to monetize their expertise and knowledge beyond the confines of a typical classroom. From online teaching to becoming Instagram influencers to using videography as a way to widen the options available to homeschooling parents, there are many ways to turn your knowledge and enthusiasm for your craft into a money-making enterprise.

Offer tutoring, homework help, or micro-lessons

Many students require assistance in dense and difficult subjects such as science and mathematics. Often, this help is not easily accessible, especially if people in their family do not understand or know the subject matter either. In the absence of parents or guardians capable of helping them complete assignments, students may benefit from tutoring websites where mentors have a college degree and teaching experience in particular content areas. Tutoring positions offer teachers an opportunity to communicate with students via webcam or phone sessions, while others may require written responses entered through a web-based interface.

VIPKids is one site that hires virtual instructors that can afford teachers an opportunity to make money from home. VIPKids, in particular, takes as its mission “to inspire and empower every child for the future.” Specifically, it allows tutors to teach Chinese children from the comfort of their home, offering immersion language classes and content area classes that are rooted in the US Common Core Standards. Without the need to create lesson plans and the flexibility of scheduling, teachers are free to promote curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity within their foreign students. The company was ranked #1 by FlexJobs in Forbes 2018 Top 100 Remote Work Companies Report.

Market your lessons to other teachers

Teachers spend an inordinate amount of time developing lessons, gathering materials, and planning for instruction. A well-developed lesson or unit plan can take hours to complete, and once they are complete, sit in a folder or drawer for more than a year before they are used again. Teaching materials are a valuable resource for other teachers and parents who choose to homeschool. While it’s unlikely that you will be able to retire on the sale of those unit plans, there is currently a booming market for them. Sites like Teachers Pay Teachers offer a marketplace for educators to sell lessons on everything from the Women’s Rights Movement unit plans to seasonal arts and craft activities. Monetizing your lesson planning is its own perk, but the realization that other children are benefiting from the care and skill you put into the materials can be extremely gratifying for an educator.

Specialize in what teachers want or need

Dropshipping may provide an at-home business opportunity for you, especially if you’ve always wanted to create and own your own teaching supply store. With a dropshipping company, you won’t need to make, store, or ship products and you can run your business with a computer and the internet. Choose from among the many products available for dropshipping, select a reliable dropshipping wholesale provider, design your website, and you’re in business. Most successful dropshipping companies have a specialized niche, and what you know about what teachers want and need will offer you special insight into developing a booming business. You may want learning and teaching items, school supplies, or you may choose to sell personalized teacher gifts.

Try your hand at videos

Developing and selling online tutorials or creating your own YouTube channel and charging a subscription can be profitable ways to monetize your knowledge and teaching skill. YouTube can stand alone as a home business idea because watchers can subscribe to your channel, creating a steady source of income for you as long as you are invested in the time and effort required to create interesting and worthy videos. Use the best free video editors to offer child development or classroom management advice, teaching tips for particular student demographics, share a fully formed lesson or unit plan, or interview or videotape other educators with valuable insight to share. YouTube channels can be a fun way to enjoy the freedom of a home-based business.

How to Start a Laser Engraving & Cutting Business at Home

You’re thinking about how to start a laser engraving business at home but don’t know where to start. You have so many questions that you need to be answered, such as “How do I get customers?” “What equipment do I need?” and “How do I learn the trade skills for laser cutting?” You begin to wonder whether it’s a viable business at all. The answer is yes. A laser cutting and engraving can be a great business idea. But, you have to know what you want to do and get some insights first.

Fortunately, we put together this article to answer all these questions and more. Read on to find out how to start a laser engraving and cutting business at home.

Is Your Business Viable?

First, you’ll need to think about whether or not your laser cutting business will be viable. Some things you may consider are the type of services you’ll be providing and the location that you are running your laser engraving and cutting business from. Usually, laser cutting services are in high demand in industrial or commercial areas. So, you may have difficulty attracting these type of industrial clients running your business from home.

However, nowadays with the internet, you may be able to sell your services or finished products online in bulk. So taking this into consideration you may provide laser cutting or engraving services for smaller items that can be sent through the post. (As opposed to larger and bulky items that might require an industrial space). By considering these things you ensure the business is viable before starting a laser cutting business.

Learn Trade Skills for Laser Cutting and Engraving

Laser cutting is a technical skill and it will require some training and experience to be able to operate the machinery. So, to gain the necessary skills you might enrol in a course at a technical school. There you’ll learn how to operate the machinery and gain the knowledge you’ll need.

Another way to gain skills is to do an apprenticeship with an established laser engraving or cutting business. This way you’ll also get paid while gaining hands-on experience. Alternatively, if you’ve already worked for a laser engraving business you’ve already gained the necessary skills for starting a laser engraving business

Create a Business Plan

Whether you decide to scale your business beyond a one-person operation or not, it’s a good rule of thumb to have a business plan. It will help you get funding (if you need it), help you understand your market, and develop strategies for reaching them. It also helps you to set financial goals and project your numbers so that you’ll know whether you’re on track with your business, or faltering. All of these things will give your laser engraving business the best chance for success.

Acquire Your Laser Cutting Equipment

Next thing to do is acquire your laser cutting equipment. This decision shouldn’t be taken lightly since it is the basis for your entire business. A good laser cutter will produce the high-quality results you are looking for, run cost efficiently, and be durable so that it lasts a long time without breaking down or requiring repairs. All of these things will help with the success of your laser engraving business.

There are 3 things to consider when acquiring your equipment. First, is whether you will focus on cutting or engraving. While most lasers can do both, having one that is specialized will produce better results. For example, engravers typically require a laser for a small work area and fast processing speed, while cutters require a higher powered laser for a larger work area.

Next, is deciding to rent a machine vs buying. If you are starting out, you may decide to rent a machine. This will help you test the market and save you from making a big outlay of funds in the beginning. On the other hand, if you are experienced and know there is an established demand for your services you might purchase the machinery outright.

Finally, you’ll want to decide on whether to purchase a machine with co2 laser cutter technology or fibre laser technology. There are pros and cons to each one. Generally, fibre lasers are more efficient and economical when cutting thinner materials, while co2 lasers have an advantage with thicker materials.

Market Your Laser Cutting and Engraving Business

This is where you’ll bring in the money to make your business profitable. You’ll need to identify target markets of people who will require laser cutting and engraving services and develop a plan to reach these people with your marketing messages. You may decide to do this by creating a website and promoting yourself online, or you could network at industry events where people in your target market can be found.

You now have everything you need to start your laser and engraving business. Follow these steps to ensure your business is on the path to profitability and success.

Cut Down Your Power Bill: 10 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home Office

Working from home has become a strong career option for many. More and more people are turning to freelancing full time or being remote workers. It’s become common for small business owners and entrepreneurs to have a home office HQ. How so?

We can thank the internet for that. For many jobs, it’s no longer necessary to work at a corporate office. This has also resulted to less commuting, which means less traffic and air pollution. But, there’s a possible downside. Having a home office means increased power consumption. Much more.

The higher your workload, the higher your electricity bill will get. This is a cost you have to keep under control to optimize your cash flow. You’ll also be helping to preserve the environment.

There’s a smart  way to manage energy consumption in your home office and prevent huge bills. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods for energy conservation.

1. Select Energy-Efficient Equipment

When buying office equipment, look for products with reduced energy demands. Do you really need a desktop PC? A laptop will result in far less power consumption than a desktop computer and monitor. Inkjet printers uses less power than laser printers.

Choose multi-purpose gadgets. Using a printer-scanner will consume less power than two separate gadgets. While buying equipment, compare Energy Star products that will often state what you can expect in terms of energy use and costs.

2. Keep It Turned Off

Turning off gadgets that are not in use is just common sense. If you’re not using it – switch it off. LED displays and indicator lamps are using more electricity than you may realize. If you have multiple appliances with LED displays powered up 24/7, you’re wasting energy.

Whenever you can, organize your day so all your electricity needs are condensed into your working hours. Appliances that aren’t in use should be switched off. Better yet, unplug them.  Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just leave things unplugged until needed.

3. Flat Screens Are Cheaper to Operate

Modern flat panel LED or LCD screens use less power than the bulky, old-fashioned cathode-ray tube (CRT) TVs and monitors. CRT devices waste most of their energy as heat. Unless you strictly need CRT monitors for your work, opt for energy-efficient flat screens. In the long run, this is you’ll be saving both power consumption, and money.

4. Add Power Strips

Having all your office devices plugged into different outlets around the room can create a mess. It also makes it extremely hard to plug and unplug all of them. Use power strips that allow you to plug in multiple devices so you can turn them all off with a single switch. Keeping devices powered up, even on “standby”, will add needless costs to your regular bill.

5. Let In Natural Light

One of the best ways to save electricity is to just open the drapes and blinds and let natural daylight in. Hopefully, your office area has plenty of windows. Natural light is obviously cheaper than using overhead lighting for eight hours a day. It’s also a better option for your eyes than artificial light to help reduce eye strain and tension.

In the winter, you want to let warm sunlight in, but draw the shades in summer to minimize outside heat. You’ll get more efficient energy use in both cases. Arrange you desk or other equipment to minimize the need for electric lighting and take advantage of the sun during cold months.

6. Energy-Efficient Lighting

When you have to use electrical light, choose energy efficient products.  There’s a wide selection of LED bulbs, halogen, and CFL (compact fluorescent light) available. They do cost a little more upfront, but they’ll save you money in the long run. They use much less energy and last longer than conventional bulbs. Traditional bulbs waste 90 percent of their energy as heat.

7. Have Weather Stripping In Place

Insulation is definitely a good way to control power needs.  Weather stripping will cut heat or AC loss through gaps around doors and windows. It will keep you feeling more comfortable, and productive. Blocking gaps and drafts allows your HVAC units to work more efficiently to lower power demands. Ideally, you should have an office door that you can keep closed to reduce heating or cooling needs in the rest of the house.

8. Green Power Sources

Installing eco-friendly solutions in your home, like solar panels, will save you the most money, and power. Depending on the system you set up, you could save money on your power bills or eliminate them altogether. But, this depends on how much do you want your home to be self-sufficient.

Solar power can be an expensive investment for a home system, but think about the amount you’ll save with no monthly power bills, ever. You could also earn energy credits. Though you may need special permits, you can even sell excess power back to your electric company.

9. Leave Big Files For the Night Shift

Depending on the type of business you do, you’ll have times when you must upload of download large files. This could be video, large applications, program updates, or entire databases. During such periods of heavy data exchange, your computer is working longer and harder. It will use more energy as well as greater risk of overheating. Run these computer-intensive tasks at night when there are no other applications making demands on your computer. That way, you’ll efficiently save power.

10. Go Digital To Save Paper

One opportunity to save energy is to use your printer only when necessary. If you don’t really need a hard copy, it’s more energy-efficient to just keep the information as a digital file. Printers are relatively slow and power-hungry.

Paper documents take up space and add to clutter. Not only that, they significantly increase your waste. In the long run, this may prove to be counter-productive and lead to unnecessary expenses. So, whenever you can – go digital.

This is a Long-Term Investment

Working full time in a home office shouldn’t be that different from a corporate one. It can be as productive as a corporate office, but also use too much power.  Still, you can adapt your home office and decrease its power usage by choosing energy saving options.

Use the methods showcased here. Your energy consumption will likely decrease, as well as your utility bills. Some methods might seem expensive at first, but regard them as long-term investments. Having a smart home office, one that doesn’t waste power, will definitely motivate you to continue growing on your career path.

Choose what methods work best for you. Yes, your office should be energy efficient, but don’t forget that it is your working area. You need to feel comfortable there. Are you ready to transform your office at home? You can start right now!

10 Jobs That You Can Work from the Comfort of Your Home

For many people, the ultimate dream is to be able to work from home. However, you have to disciplined in order to do so since it can be easy to become distracted from your work if you’re not careful. If you are someone that can keep track of their work without being tempted to take a nap every hour, then you may want to look into one of the following ten jobs, all of which you can perform from the comfort of your own home:

1. Customer Service Representative

Many customer service reps now work from home since all they need is access to a computer and a phone. You’ll need to have excellent speaking abilities and communication skills. Some of the tasks you’ll be expected to perform include informing customers, helping customers place orders and helping to solve customer problems.

2. Transcriptionist

Transcription jobs require little to no experience at entry level positions. However, knowing how to type well is going to make the job a lot easier. Basically, the job entails listening to audio files and typing them out. You’ll need to be good at grammar and spelling. Being able to type at a fast rate will help enormously as well.

3. Translator

You’ll need to know whatever language is being translated in addition to English in order to be a translator, and you’ll be required to translate audio or text into text depending on the job. Most translators actually do their job at home, although you’ll most likely need a bachelor’s degree as well as proof that you’re fluent in two languages to get a translating position.

4. Virtual Teacher

Many educational classes are now being taught online via Skype or even in pre-recorded sessions. This is a great option for anyone who wants to teach but dislikes the school setting. However, you will most likely need to be licensed to teach in your state.

5. Virtual Assistant

If you’re going to work as a virtual assistant, then organization is absolutely key. You can’t be someone who is typically messy and has a difficult time finding things around the home. Not only do you have to be well organized, you have to be able to multi-task. Many employers hire virtual assistants as a way to cut down on employment costs. You can expect to perform general assistant tasks, from answering emails and helping with social media to entering data and managing schedules.

6. Copywriter

If you’re a writer, then you can work as a copywriter for various online publications or blogs. Anyone can become a copywriter, although experience and expertise will allow you to earn more than novice writers. You can get a job writing for various websites, or you can freelance through various content mills that pay writers by the word.

7. Web Developer

Web developers can not only get paid to work on websites from home (often in a freelance capacity), but they also get paid really well to do so. However, you will need some relevant education in addition to provable experience with website design.

8. Data Entry

Many businesses require substantial amounts of information to be entered into their systems, whether its analytical data or information used to track inventory or shipments. Performing data entry shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you have typing skills, which means that you can work from home—and often on your own schedule.

9. Social Media Manager

Since social media managing is strictly an online job, there’s no reason for you to be holed up in an office to do it. There is also a big demand for social media managers since social media has become integral to marketing in this day and age. In fact, in addition to having experience using social media, having a marketing background will be extremely beneficial.

10. Accountant

If you have an accounting education and previous experience in accounting, then you could run a small accounting business out of your home. If starting an accounting business from scratch sounds like too difficult a proposition, you may want to consider investing in accountancy franchise opportunities. By buying into an accounting franchise, you’ll still be able to work from home, but you’ll be given full support in getting your business off the ground.

For many people, working from home is the American dream. These are ten jobs that can be done at home; however, you can also invest in franchises that allow you to work from home as well.

5 Ways To Make Some Extra Income Online

Whether you are satisfied with your monthly earning or not, an extra income would.t heart, right?

There is no such thing as ‘’easy money’’ and you should always put your education and improvement on the first place.

However, here are 5 ways how to increase your earnings without the need to quit your job!


Nowadays, online freelancers can make quite an income by doing the thing they are best in form their homes. You don’t need to make such a radical step and be a ‘’full-time’’ freelancer, but extra hours will bring extra money! You can chose to work a part time job or apply for a project you think is suitable for you.

Check out the two most popular platforms for freelancers, Upwork and Freelancer, but join some forums and facebook groups in your niche, as well. There you will find many useful tips but maybe job listings also. Make sure your resume is well written and that it describes exactly what you are best in. Building a profile on above mentioned networks will take some time, but it can result in many jobs, connections and….dollars!

2.Sell your used items online

Selling your both used and unused (never wanted) items online is quite easy, doesn’t require much time and can be a decent source of income. The choice is wide: DVDs, clothes that don’t fit you anymore (or are just outdated), video games, toys or whatever items you think are useful for others. Check out local websites that allow this type of reselling and start getting rid of your old old stuff today!

3.Trade stocks

Even though this can be risky, if you don’t invest a lot, yoo won’t risk a lot, right? But you might end up earning quite an income!

Before pushing the ‘’trade’’ button, make sure you’ve read enough about the stock market on relevant websites, blogs and forums. There are numerous online courses and webinars available as well. Also, in order to eliminate currency exchange risk, use a local online trading broker that allows trading in your local currency.

Be patient, disciplined and not greedy!

4.Be a baby (and pet) sitter

These jobs are not ‘’proper’’ online ones, but the easiest way to find them is actually on the internet. There are bunch of websites that offer sitting jobs, just (again) find ones that are local.

Babysitting was always (..or at least most of the time) a good, fun and easy way to make some extra cash. You don’t need to do it on a regular basis, you can just help out some parents that want to go out, travel or just enjoy their time alone and start with just an hour or two with their child. Who knows, maybe this will turn out to be your dream job…it happens a lot!

The second, a bit more modern, option is to be a part time pet sitter. There are numeros websites that offer daytime or overnight jobs like this. Like any other job, you should consider the application very serious: resume, photos, previous experience etc.

  5. Be a tutor

Online tutors are getting very popular nowadays: from maths and science to language ones. The payment varies depending on the subject matter and your qualifications.

Even if you are not a regular tutor, there are for sure some things that you are good in: cooking, DIY, make up…are just some of the ideas.

Again, find websites that offer tutoring jobs but this time there is no need to go local, just don’t forget to mention the language you will be tutoring on!

Good luck and remember: stay motivated and determinated!

Using Instagram To Launch Your Home Based Business.

We live in an age where social media is allowing us all to engage and share in a way that has never been possible before. We can all instantly see what others are doing, keep our eye on the markets and get ideas on absolutely anything we need or want. It is almost impossible to imagine a time when the internet wasn’t part of peoples lives, if you are old enough to have experienced that time, you will appreciate the impact it has had but for younger generations, it’s the real world and everything has always been this way.


If you have a small home business and want to make the most of your social media it isn’t hard to sign up and have Facebook, Instagram and twitter account but surprisingly many of us don’t use them in the correct way especially when it comes to business owners. One of the most important aspects of social media is linking your social media accounts together, this ensures when you post, you don’t just post to one site, you post to all of them at the same time ensuring your have maximum coverage. It is reported that Instagram has a 15 times higher rate of engagement than Facebook meaning small businesses and work from home businesses must make the most of its every use.


Instagram works very quickly with users having thousands if not more followers at one time, you only have a certain amount of time to make an impact so keep your videos short but to the point.  Whatever your business is or provides, give your audience what it wants, there is no one that understands your business like yourself, hold onto the thought and post pictures that interest your followers and keeps them engaged.


Always stay aware of your market and what interests them the most, take a look often at the photos and videos you have posted and the reactions they have been given and focus on the ones that are the most popular. Always stay consistent and post regularly you will start to gain a following and see how Instagram can help launch your business and keep it in the spotlight.

There are many small businesses out there providing some great services and products and it is really important we think carefully how we launch and advertise those products, we may think because we have social media accounts that we are doing all the right things for our business but not using social media correctly can almost be as negative as not using it at all.  If you love cooking and producing great cakes, you need to get those ideas out there as much as possible, likewise if you provide a great Wedding planning service, you need to ensure that people know what you are doing and how effective you are.  Make sure you share the pictures that matter the most to you and your customers by sharing your successes.

It can be hard and sometimes and confusing to know which social media platforms work the best and very often the trends change all the time. What is popular now may not be in a couple of months time but like all aspects of business, the one most crucial aspect is to stay consistent and loyal to your customer base and provide them with what they want, you can determine what your customers want by watching how they react to your posts, photos and videos. It is important to never be afraid to take chances and see what works the best, this is what will enable you to succeed in the end.

How to Earn Passive Income With Your Hobbies?

Each one of us has a hobby and all of us like pursuing it. But do you know you can also make money with your favourite hobby? There are so many people who make passive income with the help of their hobbies. Many successful Internet business owners in the world started it with their hobby and later built massive business out of it. If you are also passionate about your hobbies and are willing to put those many efforts in earning out of it, then please read on. I am sharing few ways which can help you in making money through your hobbies.

1. Photography

Love clicking? Many of us do. But very few master the art of clicking that right picture at the right moment from the right angle. With the advent of high end mobile cameras it is possible for everyone to try hands at photography. There are a number of ways of monetizing your creative photographs. There’re certain websites like Shutterstock, 123rf.com, fotolia.com, etc. which offer pictures to different users throughout the web. You may make some bucks by registering yourself on these websites as a contributor and putting up your pictures to be sold to the prospective users. This would promote your work and would also help you in making some extra money.

2. Writing

Writing is another good way of making passive income and it is very common as well. A lot of people love to write but very few know that writing has a number of possibilities. You may become a freelancer responding to the advertisements on Craigslist or Upwork or Guru or so. Or you may enrol yourself on websites like People per Hour, Fiverr, etc. These websites offer projects for bidding. You may bid for them and work on them. Successful writers make a sound living out of their online works.

3. Crafting

DIY art and craft is the favourite hobby of a lot of people – mainly women who are housewives. If this is the case with you also, then you have a lot of possibilities of making good money. You can offer your products for sale which you make a part of crafting. These days’ people prefer homemade and handmade things and thus, this field has a wide scope. Thus, you may make new things and sell them too. You can show off your arts on various sites and can receive orders from all across the globe.

4. Teaching

Teaching is another very good way of making some extra money in spare time. Many people love to teach. So if you also like teaching, then you may start taking tuitions in your extra time. You just need to spend a couple of hours of your day and you could make a good income source. You may even start your own coaching place. Once people know that you are an expert in your subject they will automatically come to you. You can teach to school children, college students or may conduct cooking classes, stitching workshops or painting sessions, run your own workshop of DIY Origami Paper Craft making, etc. depending upon your qualification.

5. Fitness

In case you are a fitness freak but have always exercised for your personal benefit only, then it’s time to change your mind-set. If you are good with exercising and if you can teach people some useful exercises, then you can make some extra money. Exercising is the best way of spending your extra time and when you can make money with it, it is even better. You can coach the newbies who have just joined a gym or conduct a Yoga classes of your own.

6. Blogging

If you like writing, then blogging is what you need to do. You may either develop your own blog or write for other blogs as per your convenience. Blogging is a very good way of making money while also honing your writing skills. You would definitely have one or two areas of interest. You can choose those areas and write on different topics under that niche. This would help you in not just making money but would also help you improve your writing skills. However please note that you need to be an expert in your domain if you want to run a blog in particular niche.

So these are some of the ways which help in making passive money through your DIY hobbies. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you really want to add some tips in this article please share and I will be glad to respond.

Home Office Alternatives for Freelancers

Freelancing provides all kinds of exciting opportunities. When you’re your own boss and you make your own rules, nothing can beat the freedom you feel in your career. The only problem with freelancing is that you need to work from somewhere. Working from home sounds great until you feel your walls start to close in on you. If you don’t get out of there once in a while, you’re going to lose your mind. Rather than confining yourself to your home office, experiment a little bit. Getting out is good for your sanity.

Travel while you work remotely

This option is the most expensive, but it allows you to scratch some things off your bucket list. One of the greatest advantages of freelancing is that you can do it from anywhere. If you’ve ever wanted to travel, you don’t need to take an unpaid vacation. Bring your work with you. Live like a local in a foreign country, or even explore parts of your own country that you’ve never been to. Not many people have the ability to collect an income as they travel. If you do, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.

Share space with a startup

How much networking do you accomplish when you’re trapped in a room by yourself? Many startups, small businesses, or collectives of freelancers share office spaces. You’ll be able to rent it out for a fraction of what you’d pay for your own office, and you’ll be around other people. If you can find people in the same industry that you are (or at least a similar one), this can easily turn into a career building experience that’s advantageous for everyone involved.

Get a small space of your own

Have you ever considered doing the obvious and renting your own office space? Yes, it costs money, but it may be worth it if you’re dying to get out of your house and you miss the experience of getting up and dressed for work every day. If you’re working by yourself and you prefer to stay that way, you won’t need a ton of room. There’s no reason to rent out an entire building, but you may be able to find one room in a combined office space for a relatively low price on a site like Gumtree.

Work from the pub

This is a strange choice, but you’d be surprised how well it works. If you’re stressed out with a current project, you can always take your work for a well-deserved night out. Order something small to munch on and enjoy a pint or two while you work. Drinking on the job is okay when you don’t have someone else to report to. As long as you know your limits and you don’t get too wobbly, you may find it eases your stress levels a little while you’re ironing out the tedious details of a complicated job. Just make sure you review your work after the pints have worked their way out of your system.

There’s always coffee shops

It’s a little bit of a cliché, but that’s because it works. Freelancers love coffee shops. Enjoying a pastry and your favorite latte makes work a little more enjoyable, and you aren’t stuck by yourself. There’s always light, ambient noise and people coming in and out. It’s a great cure for the isolation blues, and you’ll be able to reward yourself with small pick-me-ups as you complete each portion of your work assignment.

Don’t forget to do more than just work when you’re out of the house. It can be hard to tell when you deserve a vacation or a day off when there’s no boss to award you with one. Getting out of the house while you work can help you enjoy your life while simultaneously being productive. Nothing beats that balance.