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Teeth Whitening

Key Benefits

Corrects yellowed, stained and darkened tooth surfaces
Effective for people of all ages
Provides an almost permanent result, restoring brightness and vitality to your smile

How is it done?

An impression is taken of your teeth in order to create a customized splint or mouthguard that will submerge the teeth in the bleaching agent. The solution is used nightly for three to four hours over the course of one to two weeks. By that point, significant whitening will have occurred. In some cases, the improvement is not only noticeable, but incredible. To restore your confidence in your appearance, bleaching technology offers the fastest, easiest way to correct yellowing, aging or stained teeth.


Over-the-counter bleaching products are readily available at drug stores and pharmacies. However, since these products contain chemicals that can potentially harm the sensitive gums and teeth, we highly recommend using the customized treatments our practice can prepare for you.

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